Blood Pressure Monitors
Self-monitoring blood pressure programs have been initiated to improve blood pressure control and clinical outcomes, and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. While many patients take and record their blood pressure at home, it is unknown whether they accurately report these readings to their primary care physicians.

There are several good, reliable makes of blood pressure monitors like Microlife, Omron, Braun and A&D monitors. The technology used in these monitors has increased in sophistication and accuracy over the last ten years, and they are now regularly used in doctor's offices instead of the older glass and mercury models.

Digital Filter Technology uses a sensor to detect and isolate only the essential pulse oscillation. It helps eliminate other noise factors, leading to a quick and reliable measurement capability.

Automatic blood pressure monitors operate with the push of a single button, and quickly and accurately measure blood pressure and pulse. Electronic circuitry provides personalized inflation and deflation. Completely automatic inflation and deflation is a fast, easy and gentle way to monitor blood pressure at home.

Motion artifact extraction technology is the latest generation of revolutionary non-invasive blood pressure monitor technology. It relies on non-invasive blood pressure measurement technology for its multi-parameter monitors. This is more likely to result in a successful measurement, even in situations where there is patient movement, or the device is used in a moving vehicle.

Some machines measure blood pressure from the wrist or finger. These are not recommended at the moment, as they do not give the same readings as in the upper arm where blood pressure is usually measured.

For increased reliability in measurements it is recommended that blood pressure measurements are taken at similar times every day, and never directly after physical exercise. Results indicate that the value of patient-directed treatment and monitoring programs depends on the reliability of the data collected.