Giant Inflatable Twister Game
Retro toys are no longer a thing of the past, they have sustained a new lifeline with today's generation and, most likely, will be around for the next. The reason for their staying power is simple: good quality entertainment, low-tech and easy to use, and they afford a creative outlet for kids to burn off their excess energy. Retro toys are not only a favorite with the kids, but are some of the best bargain deals in the toy stores. If you have little ones, close your eyes and remember some big summer fun and try your favorite plaything with your own children:

1. Hoola-Hoop.

The Hoola-Hoop was the life of the party, set to your favorite tunes and artists for competitions with the girl next door or solitary enjoyment. Toys that engage children in physical activity never go out of style, and they are a great way to release the endorphins and keep everybody happy.

2. Easy Bake Oven.

Often imitated, but never surpassed, the Easy Bake Oven is still on the market today. Who can forget that classic 50's style oven in pop-art pink and purple with the ready made pan baking up your favorite flavored cake? The Easy Bake Oven is a snap to operate and can be mastered by young chefs under 10. Cake mix refills and frosting kits will keep your little ones busy with decorating, serving and eating.

3. Twister.

Released in 1966, the Twister game has never missed a beat when friends got together to test their balance and agility skills. The game consists of a plastic mat with a series of dots in color codes and line formation. When the leader spins the wheel, he or she calls:"right foot yellow" or "left hand green", and the players must scramble to place themselves on the right color without tumbling over. Twister takes some practice, but its one of those all-time classics that will last another century.

4. Etch-A-Sketch.

The Etch-A-Sketch art pad is a great way for kids to pass the time in a car, plane or train. The two knobs control a series of lead pencil-like lines that can be pulled in all directions to form a picture. Your child can draw a work of art without the use of crayons, paint or anything that could make a mess and its a clever tool to stimulate your child's creative energy. The Etch-A-Sketch retro toy remains a value for the money and its durable design resists cracking, scratching and part separation through breakage.

5. Hot Wheels.

The Hot Wheels collection of cars and trucks was one of the biggest sensations from Mattel in the 1970's and is still drawing a big fan base today. The cars have all been updated for the here and now, but the excitement of getting your next dream machine for your collection hasn't waned a bit over the last 40 years. These classic retro toys are still sold nationwide.