Hanging Closet Organizer
No matter the size of your home, one thing that it will have in common with all houses regardless of size will be a lack of storage space. When you first visited your home, or even if you designed and built your home, one of the reasons you chose that particular house may have been the large amount of closet space it contained. But, as time has gone by, you have managed to obtain more and more stuff and the space it needs to be stored in has seemed to have gotten smaller and smaller. Since adding space to your home is out of the question for most people, we must find a way to better utilize the space we have. One way we can accomplish this without installing a full blown closet organization system is by using a hanging closet organizer.

You can easily spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars purchasing and installing closet systems or you can buy a series of units designed to organize specific items that may be causing the most clutter in closet. Even before doing this, the first thing you likely need to do, is to clean out your closet, dispose of items you no longer need, then determine the best way in which to store the items you decide you need to keep. Once this unpleasant chore has been accomplished, a trip to your local home improvement store can provide you with all the necessary closet storage improvements you are hunting.

Let us assume that you have this large collection of clothes that you just absolutely cannot live without and they are crammed onto that single rod that runs the length of your bedroom closet. Your greatest need will be to find a way to increase the rod space. You can quickly and easily double your rod space by obtaining a double hang closet rod. This rod hangs from your existing rod by means of two hooks and allows you to hang additional tops or pants below the clothing on your existing rod.

Maybe you have a large amount of sweaters or other items that you typically fold and place on the shelf above the closet rod. But, as you know, that shelf quickly becomes filled with those sweaters as well as other items you need to store. The best way to increase the availability of this space and provide a place to store those sweaters is by adding a hanging sweater organizer. Sweater organizers can be purchased that are open in the front or if you would rather keep your sweaters dust free, a zippered closure system is the way for you to go.

No matter the items you may need to store, there is a hanging closet organizer system that can help you with your storage needs. Some of the other type organizers you can purchase are designed to increase space for storing pants, belts, ties, hats or a myriad of other items. You can even add a hanging organizer that consists simply of shelves that will allow you to store most anything you need. Once you determine your need and add your new hanging organizer, you will find that your items are not only more neatly organized, but that you save time when looking for things now that they have a designated place where they are stored. Source