Super Hero Action Figures
Some of the latest and action packed new action figures are already out in the stores and up for grabs. Buy these action hero toys and play sets, so that your kids can cherish throughout their life.

Some of the new action figures that are great for kids are the ones which do not have any preconceived characters or stories laden with it. There are huge collection of some of the best in toy stores that are inspired from television shows and movies. The new ones that are inspired from superhero movies are the ones which have huge fan following. These action hero toys sell like hot cakes and especially the majority of takers are the youths and teenagers. Some of the latest superheros are so popular that even additional merchandise are sold with it.

The new action figures from DC comics are the Batman figures which are the custom built edition from the Dark Knight movie. The action hero sculpt is good, the Batsuit has nice details and has decent Christian Bale likeness. There is a nylon glider cape that retracts back into the figure when the Batman's left arm is cranked. When you press on its stomach, it pops out a cool effect. The arms of this Batman action figure is spring loaded at the shoulder region to throw the Batarang accessory that comes with it.

Iron Man Mark III new action heroes boast wide range of articulation like the Marvel Legends figure and it comes with a missile launcher. This is an update of the Mark I and the red and gold Mark III armor is sleeker than the older version. The armor contains the life-saving pacemaker and provides Tony Stark with humongous strength, near-invulnerability and the advanced weaponry like repulsor blasts and missiles has been externalized in the form of an arm mounted canon.

Hasbro's new action figures such as the Cyber Stompin Bumblebee are something that your kid going to enjoy because it comes with fearsome sound effects and sleek design that recreates movie like environment in your living room. It features crashing sound and speech clips taken from the movie itself. It has powerful launching fists to combat deception. It also has robotic glowing effect.

There are also companies which are well known for new action figures and play sets made from plastic. These action heroes and play sets come with cool accessories to make the game popular among kids and youth. Apart from these action figures like Marvel's iron man and Hasbro's transformers, which are extremely popular, DC comic's batman is not far behind in the race.

All in all these are some of the best action figures that you can buy for your kids.