Unique Cookie Jars
Many people all over the world collect cookie jars. This is an incredibly broad hobby due to the infinite number of different types of cookie jars that are available. For that reason most collectors specialize in certain types of jars. Here are some ideas for what to collect:

Investment Opportunities

If you have deep enough pockets you could collect expensive these items as an investment. As with any collectible, the older, rarer, and better the quality, the more valuable it will be. Since costs are high any appreciation in value can have a dramatic effect. For example, a 10 percent increase in the value of a ten dollar jar is only a buck. But a 10 percent valuation increase in a hundred dollar cookie jar is 10 bucks. As with any investment, this is usually a long-term process.

Favorite Characters

You can probably guess that Winnie the Pooh is a popular jar to collect. So is the Cookie Monster. Santa Claus is always popular to bring out onto the counter around Christmas. But you are not limited to cookie-related characters. There are cookie jars depicting just about every famous character.


Another favorite type of collectible centers around an animal. Do you like cows? Pigs? Cats? Dogs? You name it and you can find a cookie jar for it. Even here 'animals' is too broad to collect. Instead, focus on your favorite animal for which would like to see gleaming porcelain lined up in your kitchen. Jars depicting animals are popular with kids. Or is it the cookies inside the jar?


Pick a historical time frame and you are sure to find cookie holders that will bring memories each time you see it. Whether it is old products from your childhood, or perhaps you also like to collect Americana. Famous products can also be collected. Speaking of memorabilia, perhaps the best type of jar to collect is simply one of memories. Perhaps it reminds you of grandmother's house.


Another type of collection is trying to get every type of jar a certain manufacturer makes. This would would be like trying to collect all the baseball cards made in a certain year. This can be a daunting task. But if successful, your collection could be famous!  Source